Well... hi, emm.. im chilean and im a Directioner (Crazy Mofo) aaaand i although believe that Larry is real.
And that would be all. X.


The fact that Harry has made himself smaller says it all to be honest…. When you are in a relationship with someone and one of you is taller that the other then you make sure you are at the same height for intimate moments… And yea, this is what’s happening here


L I S T E N……………………….L I S T E N 




what the fuck

pluto in july 2013, moments after hearing the news that he isn’t a planet anymore    (via manhattanfrom-thesky)

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when you love a song but you listened to it a lot during a really bad time in your life so it reminds you of bad times


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I just now realized that both of these pictures were taken the same day as that awful video where Harry comes out of the building looking upset and is given sunglasses and Louis comes out with Eleanor and poses for a picture with her for Marco. This must have been shortly after Eleanor was escorted away because you can see that Harry is still holding the sunglasses. I always thought Harry’s hand placement was a little possessive and now I think I might know why. Just a thought.



How To Ask If A Girl Is Gay

1000% true

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Harry and Louis when the interviewer congratulates Zayn on being the first to pop the question x

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  • me in the street: imagine if my favorite band walked by
  • me in my room: imagine if my favorite band walked in
  • me in the car: imagine if my favorite band was in the car next to me
  • me in class: imagine if my favorite band walked in
  • me on vacation: imagine if my favorite band were here